We are adding a girl!


Yesterday morning we went in for our 20 week ultrasound - we are halfway through already!! We were so ready to know the gender - to not have to refer to baby as an "it" anymore and to give them a name. Hopefully that will come soon and not at 40 weeks lol.


As with most girls, a huge dream of mine has been to have a daughter. Marrying Taylor was not increasing my chances of that. ;) His family had a 70 year streak of ALL BOYS! He comes from a family of 4 boys, his dad comes from a family of 4 boys, and so on. Boys, boys, + more boys. 


From the beginning, despite my chances, I still had a feeling there was a baby girl inside me. I crave sweet things, its heartbeat is high, I'm carrying high, and from the beginning of the pregnancy, friends gave us gifts that were very specific to girls! I figured there had to be a reason we were getting all this girl stuff. ;) 


The ultrasound tech gave us an envelope to open when we were home so we could fully embrace the moment, but during the ultrasound she was using very gender specific terms like, "She loves standing on her head!" "Here's her left arm..." Lol! I tried not to get too excited until we found out for sure... but nonetheless, baby is healthy from head to toe and we're so thankful!

We finally got home + opened the envelope. With confirmation, SHOCK + JOY, we were looking at a picture of ballerina shoes saying,

"It's a girl!" 

Seriously amazing. I spent the rest of the day on cloud nine. :) We are so pumped to meet our little girl!


With love,

Ali Leigh


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