An Update on 2017!

Hi friends! 


Things have been pretty quiet around here! If you didn't know, we're expecting our first baby girl in late February, so 2017 has been full of finishing up weddings + engagements, editing, working on tax things (been so much fun!!), design projects, getting all the baby things in place, cherishing sleep while it's still here, dates (the other day we had a date to IKEA cause why not?!) + getting everything set in place for 2017 season along with parenthood! Luna's not gonna know what hit her, but I'm sure she'll learn to love it!

Taylor has been producing lots of albums for Minneapolis musicians, so our house is always full of music. That girl is gonna know her music! And hopefully have a bit more rhythm than her mom. ;) 

We are SO pumped to celebrate with all of our 2017 couples starting in May! But before then, we're meeting our little girl and cherishing the first couple months of being a family of 3. <3 There will most definitely be pictures... #momphotographer #allthepictures. 

If you're not following us on instagram: @alileighphoto, definitely do! That's where I can keep up with sharing life the most, so I'd love to have you there. :) 


Trying so hard to find time to compile all of my favorites from 2016 weddings + engagements, so that'll hopefully get done before she comes! Excited to reminisce with you! 


THANK YOU for following along! We are so honored to be able to pursue this dream + celebrate some awesome seasons of life with you all! 


With love,

Ali Leigh




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