Memorial Day Exploring Door County | Personal Post


Most of our weekends are taken up by traveling to + from weddings, and although we love what we do, a day or two to freely explore/relax is SO much fun! This Memorial Day weekend, we'd just gotten home from a wedding and had one extra day in the 3 day weekend. We decided to go up to Door County for the day. Throughout our dating days we'd go up to Door County, we went right after we got engaged, and a few weeks after we were married! We have so many sweet memories up there, so it was fun being back! 

We went to Cave Point County Park, which is absolutely stunning! The past few months of living in Wisconsin have been so fun to see all the treasures in its landscape. We walked around a bit, then set up our hammock about 5 feet from the water. It was a moment I'll always love. 

We headed to Fish Creek. Went to a wine tasting at Lautenbach's Orchard, walked around town + by the marina, and got dinner at Wild Tomato Pizza and Grille.  After dinner we drove to Ephraim,  set up our hammock by the water + felll asleep in the sun! Totally didn't think I'd ever fall asleep in public, but it was glorious haha. We woke up + the sun was setting, then we headed home! 


What a perfect day! If you're ever in the area, for sure check out Cave Point! 


With love,

Ali Leigh