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to be honest, I sat down to write this with a blank mind. a blank mind that had no idea where to start. to be honest, i pushed this blog off until tonight + the day got away from me ;) here is a recap from the gold of what the rising tide society put together for this month's goal setting topic. 

goals? most people cringe at the word. they think of all of the goals they've tried to make in the past, and no matter how dedicated they were, somehow life eventually took over.

other people thrive thinking of their goals. it pushes them, excites them + gives them a reason. focus. what do you think of when you hear the word 'goal'? 

one of my favorite creatives + business owners, lara casey, the author of "make it happen" and creator of powersheets wrote about setting goals. setting goals that last + finding your WHY behind your goal. how will this push me to closer to the life i will wish i lived when i'm 80?

I LOVE how lara casey always directs others back to living purposefully. she's one of my favorite creative business owners because she truly wants to see others living on purpose, for a purpose. how often do we sway from that?! i do daily. having these goals allows us to continue to live on purpose + for the purposes we set in place. 

so what is your goal?

WHY do you want to ___________? to lose weight? because that's the problem of all your goals since 2004. your WHY needs to have a heart connection. it needs to be something worth something to you. lara said, without a WHY, you get moved by the waves of comparison, and get distracted to where you're making decisions based on your emotions. there is no anchor without a why. it needs to be meaningful. 

what is your WHY? 

now, be critical about your goal. some questions you could ask: 

will this goal help you live on purpose? 

will it help you help other people? 

will it help me live the life i wish i lived when i'm 80?

2015 was a year of big things for me. big love, big change, big workload, and big heartache. marriage, college, mom passing away, graduating, moves (yes, plural). my first year with a full on wedding season, and i treaded water. i finished school, planned a wedding, started my business. i had dreams written from the start of the year, but i didn't have a plan of action. and boy, was i treading. going through life, pretty emotionless at times just to get through the next thing on my list. i was sacrificing time with loved ones to stay up on all the work i had to do. i had conversations with people as i looked at my laptop and they looked at me. it's disgusting to think of how i truly was living, when i thought i was building my success.

goals without STEPS are meaningless. please, please build structure. for you + for your loved ones. BE SPECIFIC in how you're going to get there, but find ways to help you live ON PURPOSE, for a purpose. 

also BE BOLD with your dreams, guys. BE SPECIFIC. write them down. be okay with scary dreams + trust in them. but know your WHY. ask yourself those critical questions + eliminate any goals that aren't specific to where you want to go. 

how does your life feel when you're truly happy? and my favorite question: what makes you feel most alive? so many of us aren't living alive. set your goals to bring you to life again this year. i dare you!! believe + set your plan. know your why. 

xoxo, ali


here are some links to free downloads from the day designer that are keeping me on track + focused this year. (including a weekly meal planner + grocery list!) 

AND a goal planning sheet from lara casey to help you be critical about your goals.


1. daily planning

2. goal tracking 

3. weekly planner

4. weekly meal planner

5. grocery list