Tips for Setting Successful Monthly Goals


The first day of the month is always exciting for me! Fresh start, new month, + a day to sit down and reflect on the previous month, while making plans for the new month. HAPPY APRIL! Winter is downhill from here (we hope!). 

So here I am again, talking about goals. I can't talk enough about how much goals set people up for success. If you're not aiming at anything, you're not going to hit anything. But in the same breath, if you're aiming at something and don't plan out your steps to get there, you're most likely not going to get there. 


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Here are some steps of action to writing goals.


1. Jot down any goals that come to mind. 

When I first start, I jot down as many goals that come to mind, even if they're scary or don't make sense at all! 

2. Categorize those goals.

Put them into categories: 10 YEARS, 5 YEARS, 1 YEAR, and MONTHLY. 

3. Look at your monthly goals. 

- Although it's great and YOU SHOULD plan scary goals to stretch yourself, ask yourself if it Is it realistic. Are there steps that will help you get there?

- Are they going to help you get to your 1-5-10 year goals? How? 

- How will this goal help me reach my LIFE GOAL? (My life goal is to always remember to serve others, so how would this specific goal help me serve others?)

- What steps will help you reach each goal? 

4. Plan check-ins.

Throughout the month, check in to see how you're doing with each goal. Maybe set a deadline for each step (weekly). 

5. RUN THE RACE BUT Give yourself grace. 

I couldn't resist that cheesy line, but hey. ;) Do what you can to reach your goals throughout the month, but also give yourself grace if you don't reach one. 


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