Vintage Karvana Coffeehouse + Green Bay Riverfront Engagement | Daniel and Sarah

I met Daniel and Sarah at Karvana Coffeehouse on Broadway in Green Bay (which happened to be right next door to their wedding venue, Gather on Broadway!), since they spend a lot of their time together reading books at coffeeshops. They brought a few of their favorite books, we walked around a bit + went down to Green Bay's riverfront. Sarah ran into her high school journalism teacher (she's a hoot!), and there were hugs all around. These two are so laid back + sweet, and it was such a perfect night of getting to know them a bit. Their long distance will end this October when they get married and move to Boston! Keep your eye out for their wedding!


Who they are:

Sarah: I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart, so my favorite hobbies are mostly urban homesteading: growing plants, fermenting vegetables, brewing kombucha, making my own household or bath/body products. I’m a half-hearted crafter as well, so sometimes I crochet or paint when the mood strikes. My academic work is on poetry and I’m a poet myself, so reading and writing are a big part of my interests as well. I’m definitely more reserved and quiet than Daniel but we’re both social and love hosting dinners or drinks. Daniel loves the outdoors and takes any chance he can to go hiking/camping/backpacking.

Daniel: We’re both literature scholars so we spend a lot of time reading. We love to go to coffee shops together, try new restaurants and bars, find new music to listen to, and go on day trips. We’re both laid back people who enjoy spending time with family and friends, and also just the two of us.


How they met: 

Sarah: We met in graduate school — we’re both getting PhDs in English at UCLA. He’s a year ahead of me in the program and studies American literature in the 19th century, while I work on contemporary poetry. 

Daniel: We met while we were both living in Los Angeles, and starting our PhD in literature. We knew each other a little bit through friends, but we started to hang out more and more just the two of us, and the relationship grew from there!


The proposal:

Sarah: We got engaged in March while I was visiting Daniel on the east coast — we had a whirlwind few weeks where I met him in Pittsburgh where he was presenting at a conference, explored Gettysburg on the drive back to Philly (where he lives), and then road tripped with pup in tow up to Buffalo, NY, where I was presenting at a conference. Before the conference, we spent a day on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, and Daniel found a quiet spot down by the river to propose.

Daniel: Sarah had an academic conference to go to in Buffalo, NY. I accompanied her, and we got there a day early to go up to Niagara Falls. After a nice morning of looking out at the falls and drinking coffee, I proposed on the riverbank of the Niagara River. Afterwards, we went and had a nice lunch at a winery in the Niagara region.


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