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3 words I used to describe my wedding photography and Ali Leigh's brand. 

 Ali Leigh Brand Inspiration Board by Kenna and Louise

Ali Leigh Brand Inspiration Board by Kenna and Louise


I asked others (without sharing my words) on social media to share three words they would use to describe Ali Leigh and here's what they came up with. 



elegant, unique, creative

vibrant, alive, candid

classy, creative, cutting-edge

bold, fresh, modern

crisp, genuine, beautiful

delicate, natural, romantic

lighthearted, airy, whimsical   

captivating, beautiful, and fun

bright, organic, and genuine

heartfelt, modern, beautiful

chic, mesmerizing, nostalgic

airy, emotional, pure

defined, relaxed, consistent

authentic, classy, creative




As a business owner (especially as a creative business owner), I'm constantly checking and building my brand. Are my fonts & colors "on brand" is a big branding question, but it's so important to dig a little deeper:


- Is my work consistent and portraying the values of Ali Leigh? Are the things I'm posting "on brand"? 

To photograph life + love in the beautiful reality. To be real with people + find BEAUTY and ART in everyday life and mishaps. To embrace the fact that you may have a zit on your wedding day but joy + inner beauty wins every time. To be relaxed and enjoy the ones you love fully in the moment you're in. 

Also, I was totally the girl with a huge zit on her wedding day. A fake nail also fell off before the ceremony. But how many people noticed?! They were too busy seeing the JOY I'm sure. ;) 


- Is the voice I'm putting out there "on brand"? 

Am I being authentic + genuine with people? In relationships, I've always been as transparent as possible. There were years I'd consider it a fault because people would think I was a hot mess since I wasn't masking things  a t  a l l  and others would look more put together than I was. I gave up that pride because I knew people needed to see an example of honesty for them to open up, and for me to help them see beauty in reality + grow in that.


- What legacy am i leaving through my brand?

Personally, I treasure memories through the photographs I have. Life flashes by so fast and having something to preserve pieces of it is so important. I have photographs of my mom at my wedding who had months left due to brain cancer that I'll treasure forever. I have a photograph of me holding her hand in her final days. Photos of the simplest days when Tay and I started dating, making pancakes with friends in college, of graduations + lots of selfies with my cat. How COOL is it that we can hold onto memories with photos?! 

I am here to create lasting memories through a visual art. To capture you + your wedding day in a genuine, artistic, + honest way to cherish forever. Because wedding days go by WAY TOO FAST.

I am here to tell you you have something unique + great to offer to the world. There's only one of you, share yourself with us - quirks and all! 

I am also here to share that marriage ROCKS but it takes selflessness, wisdom, and love (and lots of laughter!) to navigate through. 



If you're a business owner, branding is huge. Consistency. Clear direction. Ask yourself questions beyond the fonts, colors, and marketing materials. Find your business values and purpose by curating the brand.


If you're NOT a business owner, I challenge you to ask these questions about your life on social media and how you interact as a person. Each person has their own personal "brand". What legacy are you going to leave? 



I would absolutely love to hear 3 words you think of when you think of Ali Leigh! I would also love to hear YOUR 3 words either for your business or for your life! Comment them below! 


With love,

Ali Leigh


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