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This past week + weekend we had the chance to go to San Diego, CA to photograph a wedding at the Quail Haven Farm! Time spent with family I hadn't seen in years, lots of street tacos, farmers markets, + of course the obligatory In-N-Out stop. 

The day we flew in marked 1 year since my mom had passed away. San Diego was her all-time favorite place + her old home. Right after we landed, we headed to Ocean Beach to walk past her old apartment and favorite spots. I don't believe it was any coincidence that we went to CA on that day and it was so fun to show Tay places that were so dear to her.

We headed to my aunt + uncle's house, where Taylor finally had the chance to meet one of my closest cousins I hadn't seen in years! We loved, loved spending time with all of them throughout the week. We went to Oceanside's farmers market Thursday morning, ran some errands + ate at In-N-Out (my first time!) for lunch. Great burger but I wasn't overly impressed. ;) Their milkshakes though... #heavenly.

The next morning, Taylor and I went to La Jolla to walk around the cute town + along the coast. Baby H's first time at the ocean! We found a place on Yelp called The Taco Stand - best. tacos. ever! If you're ever in the area definitely check it out. 

Then wedding celebrations began! There was a Cambodian Tea Ceremony on Friday night, which was such a fun thing to experience with lots of delicious Cambodian food. The next day was of course the wedding and we had a blast! So many fun people, lots of impressive dancing + details and a bride and groom straight out of a magazine. Can't wait to share with you!


Here are some of our explorations in photos! California, you're always lovely to visit. If any of you are ever getting married in CA, we would love to join you. ;) 


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A sneak peek of Andy and Sheree! Such a dream.

A sneak peek of Andy and Sheree! Such a dream.

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