A Summer Camp, Tattoos, + A Coffee Truck | Augustine and Julie Wedding


Auggie and Julie are college friends of mine. I always knew of them + we had mutual friends for so long. We'd say hi when we saw each other, but I really didn't get to know them until they went on a spring break trip with me + a group of friends. That week I saw how incredible of a couple they were, so loving and intentional to everyone around them and yet so much fun to be around. Auggie's usually joking around flirting with Julie, and Julie's usually giggling or coming back with a cute + sassy remark. 

Here's a photo from when I first found out how great they were (+ was fulling embracing a "top knot"). Also see if you can recognize some of the bridal party from this picture. ;) 

It was an absolute blast capturing their day! It rained, it shined, + through it all they were so laid back, just full of joy that they were FINALLY marrying their high school sweetheart. These two have impacted so many people's lives, and I am so excited to see what comes of their marriage!



"At high school youth group."

How they got engaged: 

"Auggie made a "promo" video for Burgie's Coffee (where he worked throughout college + where Julie spent lots of time hanging out) and asked me to marry him! So cute!"

What do you love most about each other: 

"I'm pretty sure Augustine's favorite thing about me is my backseat driving and when I wear my really gross blue yoga pants. ;)"


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