You can spend years researching and learning from trial and error, or you can learn from my years of experience!


8 years of business building, 5 years of wedding experience


I've learned from countless courses, articles, books, and years of real-life shoots + weddings.

From $75 shoots to building a 6-figure business that allows me to be my own boss and do what I love each and every day.



I have...

+ shot over 100 weddings

+ cried over taxes (ugh)

+ moved my business to 3 different states in 3 years (and still booked full wedding seasons those years)

+ hired people onto my team

+ spent years agonizing over what my style should be

+ and so much more. 





We can talk about anything from learning your camera to the basics of lighting, bookkeeping, web design, marketing, editing, managing clientele, planning shoots,

and the big Q: how I started booking clients. I'm an open book for you to learn from!




Chat with ali

 $125/half hour

You'll come up with a list of questions/topics ahead of time and we'll talk through them on the phone or video chat! Open to any skill level from learning your DSLR to setting up an associate photography program. 




We'll meet for coffee and you can ask me anything! If you want to learn hands-on, you can bring your camera, we can walk through workflow and/or editing, etc. Whatever you're looking for! An in-person meeting specific to editing is available for $350/hour.


WEBSITE/Portfolio critique


With a background in graphic design and being a millenial ;), I know strengths/drawbacks of a website when I see them. Your portfolio is obviously important for being a credible photographer, but your website is just as important if you're going to book anything. I'll critique both of them for you and give you ideas for improving.



WEdding: $300   Shoot: $150

Tag along on a wedding or a shoot! You'll watch me work and get hands-on experience.  This will be more learning by watching rather than me teaching. I'll be free to answer any questions after the shoot. Depending on the couple's consent, you'll be able to use the photos. An in-person meeting will need to be completed prior to the wedding day.




We'll start by going over your questions and move into a hands-on time with a mock engagement shoot. You'll see my approach to posing clients and can ask questions along the way. We'll walk through the workflow process after the shoot. You can use the photos to build your portfolio. Travel to your location is available if costs are covered.      5-10 headshots are included!


MENTORSHIP intensive


There are limited spots for this! Two of five spots are already filled for 2018's season.

This is an extensive mentorship option. 5 tag along experiences (4 weddings, 1 shoot) and a workday to ask questions about my workflow and watch me work. The photos taken at the tag along experiences can be used for your portfolio. You'll also have text and email access to ask me any questions for 3 months. 

*alternate intensive option would be 5 tag along experiences (2 weddings, 3 shoots) and a workday for $1100. 



If you have another idea for your mentorship experience,

reach out and we'll see if we can customize something for you!








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