Ali Leigh Behind the Scenes | Our Anniversary Weekend AND May 20-22

I'm pretty sure it's summer now?! I was back in Des Moines. My best friends live in the cutest Des Moines neighborhood, Sherman Hill, that holds houses with so much character, beautiful landscaping + a skyline of Des Moines. I always feel like some vintage form of myself when I stay with them, and I love it! Right as I was done driving, I met up with some friends at Juniper Moon - I think we're regulars now? ;)


Saturday morning I walked through Sherman Hill's gorgeous houses to grab breakfast at Gateway Market. That afternoon I photographed Drew & Gladys' wedding - reception at West End Architectural Salvage (the best!!). A taco truck, antiques, and margaritas. Can't wait to share their wedding with you all! 


I went to Drake Diner with a friend before I started my drive back home. So, so good! If you're in Des Moines ever, definitely go! I got 20 minutes into my drive when my friend called and said I forgot my makeup. So, back I went and she was just heading out the door to Popup Yoga at Jasper Winery. I figured why not, and totally don't regret it! An hour of yoga + sangria in the park was perfect. 1 hour in the sun without sunscreen and Ali is bound to get a sunburn. </3. 


As always, Des Moines you were lovely. See you next week. ;) 


Scroll down to read about our anniversary weekend I didn't get around to blogging last week! 



Anniversary weekend - iowa city, iowa

We took Monday off so on Tuesday I was playing catch up with work as fast as I could, and didn't get a chance to blog about our anniversary weekend! 


We drove down to Iowa and stayed at an Airbnb for the first time! It was a fun experience + the guy even had a hot tub + breakfast for us.


We went to Ames to get closer to our wedding we were shooting that afternoon. We stopped for breakfast at The Cafe, and if you've spent any time in Ames you know it's good 100% of the time. Also a wait no matter when you go. ;) But the slow morning allowed us to wait + Tay had "the best breakfast sandwich he's ever had". He's a tough critic, you guys, and I concur, it was  t h a t  good. We headed to Megan and Jerrod's Rustic Rose wedding. You can see more from that wedding here! After the wedding, we drove to Iowa City to kick off celebrating our 1 year anniversary! 


We went to downtown Iowa City where Taylor wanted a gyro. The man always wants a gyro, and I definitely don't feel the same! I got a chicken pita + hummus instead. ;) Then we wandered downtown with no agenda. The streets are filled with art + fun shops. We weaved in and out, and people watched on a bench for a while. Have you ever made up stories for each person walking past?! Tay likes to make up dialogues + we were laughing so hard. 

We sat on a patio + got pizza and drinks for our anniversary. TOTALLY our style, and I loved it! Then we saw the new Jungle Book movie! I love the simplicity of life with Tay, and the last year being married to him has been so, so wonderful. It's working through daily life + laughing + enjoying the little things along the way. 


We started our trek home. We stopped at the Cave of the Mounds (after years of driving past it and saying someday we'll go!). It was SO cool to tour through a cave. In Wisconsin. The road builders back in the 1930s blew a hill up with dynamite and to their surprise, there was a huge cave. If you're ever in the Madison area, I definitely recommend checking it out.


Thanks for taking time to look into the weekends that make up our year + in turn, make up our lives. Remember to enjoy the little things + that every day is a treasure. 


With love,

Ali Leigh


Downtown Iowa City Iowa