Best of Weddings 2017 | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

2017 is a new ALL time favorite wedding season for me. What an incredible year! Tons of drives back to Wisconsin since we lived there in 2016 and booked the majority of 2017's weddings while living there. ;) 

The details and venues were incredlble, but the moments were on another level. I cried with guests regularly and even got the chills from a couple of the moments. One incredible moment after another this year.

  • a grandpa surprising the bride and groom after having open heart surgery just a couple days before
  • a group dance/celebration for a bride's dad who passed away to his favorite song 
  • grooms seeing their best friend walk down the aisle (never gets old)
  • cheers of GIDDY celebration of being husband and wife

This privilege of this job is so still surreal to me.

To my clients, I had so much fun getting to know you all a bit this year. Thank YOU for inviting me into this season of your lives and making my job so much fun.


A special shout out to associate photographers Emily, Aurora, Kenzie, and Courtney! You all did an incredible job shooting weddings for Ali Leigh's brand! 

*a few photos included in this blog pos were taken by these associates!


I am so ready for ya, 2018!