Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro + Third Ward District Milwaukee Engagement | Brad + Maggie

I had so much fun taking pictures of these two! We met in Milwaukee at Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro. We initially had the session scheduled for sunset, but the rain threatened us so we pushed it up to early afternoon! It didn't rain until the last part of our session (minus some sprinkles) - so thankful! Bartolotta's had some gorgeous white pillars on the building, but also happened to be right across from Lake Michigan + had a golf course with a lighthouse. Can you say convenient?! It was so nautical + beautiful! Maggie laughed the entire time + made it her mission to get Brad laughing as well. it either wasn't hard or she's got him figured out a bit. ;) We then went to the Third Ward District + it started to rain! It was actually pretty fun trying to find alternatives. Overhangs, the Milwaukee Public Market, and Collectivo Coffee. It doesn't hurt that Third Ward is so picturesque. :) By the end of our time the wind + rain had gotten pretty crazy. It was a ton of fun exploring Milwaukee + getting to know these two! Super excited for their October wedding at Olde 41 wedding venue in Green Bay! 


Here's a bit from them:


Tell us a bit about yourselves.

We met at a friends wedding on basically a bind date in Madison. For the first three years we had a long distance relationship through multiple cities and states. After finishing school we were able to develop careers in business/nursing in Green Bay. Finally able to be in the same city for the first time, we were able to take the next step in our relationship and became engaged. We love spending time with our families and enjoy being pet parents to Brooklyn our 3 yr old Jack Russell!


How did you meet?

We met as a blind date to wedding. Brad was standing up in a friend of his from high school's wedding in Madison. Brad's best friend (and is his best man) is my sister's husband Caleb. Brad and Caleb were standing up in the Madison wedding. My sister wanted someone to hang out while to boys were getting ready in the morning, so she asked Brad who he was going to bring as a date and told him he should ask me to be his date! He called me up about a month before the wedding and asked me to be his date! I of course said yes and then he made sure to ask me what I wanted to eat for dinner at the wedding. The first time we met was the weekend of their wedding, and we have been together ever since!


What is your IDEAL SATURDAY?

A day up north at the cabin on the lake enjoying nature with one another and our pup Brooklyn.


What do you love most about each other?

MAGGIE: I love that Brad keeps me laughing and reminds me not to take life too seriously. I know he loves me so much and would anything for me! He is the most selfless person I know and has an extremely big heart. I also love how much he loves my fur baby Brooklyn like she is his own. (He's going to make an amazing father someday!! ;) 
BRAD: That we are a team and compliment each other. One's weakness is another's strength. She helps make me a better person.



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