scenic route bakery saturday morning des moines engagement / braden and nikki

ALL the heart eyes for this couple! nikki was the personal attendant at my wedding, bible study co-leader in college, and is just all around a blast to be friends with! she used to tell me she was allergic to boys but i'm so glad braden had what it took ;) they are simply a joy to be around and i'm so happy to be a part of this part of their lives! taylor and i talk sometimes about how they're the friends we wish we could bring them everywhere we go <3 

braden asked nikki to be his girlfriend with a cup of coffee, so obviously part of their session had to take place at a coffee shop (scenic route bakery). later on in the session you'll see a golf ball that says will you marry me? on it. self explanatory but so sweet! 

spending time with these two that saturday morning was an absolute blast and i can't wait for their wedding next june!



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