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Val Marlene, a photographer friend styled + photographed her clients' bridesmaid welcome packet that she used to "propose" to her ladies! I thought it was so cute and helpful, and thought it needed to be shared with you all! Thank you two for letting me share this today, Val and Haleigh! :)

Photo styled and taken by  Val Marlene Photography

Photo styled and taken by Val Marlene Photography

Val's bride, Haleigh is a designer, so that helps. ;) Check out Dilly Lou to see her other work! HOWEVER, if you're not a designer or feel you "have no creative bone", take this idea and run with it in your own direction! Make it personal to you + your girls. Not skilled with design programs? Check out Canva, a program that makes graphic design so easy! OR if you're working with a designer for your invitations, ask them to make something like this up for you!


What a fun way to introduce your girls to: 

- the colors + style of your day

- your venues

- dress style

- and their role as your bridesmaids! 


So often bridesmaids are uneducated on what their role is, and setting expectations is setting your day up for success! It will keep your relationships with your girls strong when each of you know what's expected during wedding planning.  

*As we're on this topic, don't be scared to delegate tasks to your bridesmaids! Many of them are happy + excited to help, so don't feel like a burden. It will save you much stress throughout your planning process. I totally made this mistake as a bride of doing everything myself! 



*Brides (especially Iowa brides!), need a stationary designer or chalk artist for your wedding? Check out Haleigh's work at 


Future brides: How are you planning on asking your bridesmaids to stand by your side? 

Former brides:  How did you ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your day? 

Former bridesmaids: How have you been asked by your friends to be a part of their day? 


Comment ideas for future brides in the comment section! 


With love,

Ali Leigh



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