Copper Creek Golf Club Pleasant Hill Spring Wedding | Stephen and Natalie


Stephen and Natalie's wedding day was DREAMY! Flowers basically falling from the sky and perfect weather. But even more so, Stephen and Natalie were an absolute joy to around. Stephen + his friends are a blast to be around, always joking around and Natalie is THE sweetest person. For real. She didn't stress all day and just made sure everyone felt loved. Their friends and family totally adore them and it's for a good reason, these two are the real deal! They got married at Natalie's home church in Pleasant Hill where Stephen's dad led the ceremony (so special) and later had their reception at Copper Creek Golf Club. Smores, pies, and LOTS and lots of dancing. Stephen even crowd surfed at one point. ;) 


Who they are:

According to Natalie, she and Stephen are pretty similar! They're both are energetic and like to have a lot of fun. I witnessed that from the very first moment of the day to the very end, these two (and their friends/family) LOVE to have fun! Stephen is a definite extrovert and Natalie is more introverted. Stephen studies Biology and was able to graduate in 3 years! He's working as a youth pastor at a The Well Covenant Church in Des Moines. Natalie loves being a part of his ministry too! In August they're moving to Chicago for Stephen to get his Masters of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. They both love Jesus, their families and friends, reading and active hobbies (like tennis and bike rides). They both love to cook and The Office is their favorite show. And my favorite part: at the end of the questionnaire, Natalie said, "I can't wait for you to meet Stephen! He is so wonderful!" SO sweet. They are 100% in love and it's evident from the moment you meet them.


How they met:

"Stephen and I actually met in the 4th grade (Stephen's first year in public school). We grew up just 5 minutes away, and went through elementary, jr. high, and high school together! We were mostly in different friend groups, but I had always wished I had known Stephen better because he was so cool! Stephen told me that he had a crush on me in the 4th grade! We both ended up going to ISU and we became friends because we both were involved in The Salt Company. My junior year, Stephen and I were both preparing to go to China through The Salt Company. At the preparation retreat in January 2015 Stephen asked me to go on a date! We became official boyfriend and girlfriend in February and got engaged the following September."


How he proposed:

"It was a Tuesday night in September and Stephen had asked me to come to Des Moines for a dinner date. We had a really fun date at The Cheesecake Factory! On our way home Stephen suggested that we had a bonfire, and I said I would love that! We pulled in the driveway and Stephen asked me to grab some newspaper and matches from the garage and told me he would meet me around the back of his mom and dad's house. So I went and grabbed the things, and went around back and saw a bunch of lights and white balloons in the trees with the fire already going! Stephen gave me a Bible to keep in our family and read me a letter that he wrote to me the day we became boyfriend and girlfriend! He told me he knew he would read this the day he proposed! The he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes and we had so much fun celebrating! It was so perfect!"


So the two are best friends and 100% in love, with Christ as their focus. I am so excited to see what comes of their marriage! Congrats Stephen and Natalie! 


With love,

Ali Leigh



Vendor love:

Ceremony: Oakwood Church

Reception: Copper Creek Golf Club

Dress: Pure Bridal  

Bridesmaids Dresses: Pure Bridal  

Groom's Outfit: Milroy's Tuxedos

Groomsmens' Outfits: Milroy's Tuxedos

Flowers: Floral Distributors of Iowa (bride's cousin!)

Appetizers an Desserts: Great Caterers of Iowa



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