Costa Rica Elopement Pt. 2 Ceremony Day | Gabe and Madison

No words for this trip! Back in March, Taylor and I traveled to Costa Rica with Madison and Gabe to photograph their elopement. We stayed deep in the rainforest at the most insane lodge that we had to whitewater raft to get to (check it out!! Pacuare Lodge). Madison found it on Pinterest and told Gabe, “Ugh, I wish we could stay here.” Eventually she said, “Why can’t we?!”

They were originally planning a Minnesota wedding but changed their plans to elope. Her Pinterest dreams became a reality. ;) It was just the 4 of us + all of the birds/bugs of the rainforest. Our originally scheduled ceremony day was super rainy (it’s like we were in the rainforest or something!), so we decided to reschedule to the next morning when the chance of rain was only 20% (also the day I was leaving via whitewater rafting at 9:30am!). We woke up early and whadduya know, it was raining again!

It rained the entire time during their ceremony + photos, but it ended up being so perfect.

Such an honor to be a part of their intimate vows + ceremony!

See part 1 of this blog post here for mini sessions we did around Pacuare Lodge + while traveling throughout the country to 2 different regions.


Ali Leigh