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Bridal showers are a blast to attend, and a blast to be a part of! However, we only plan a bridal shower a handful of times in our lives, if ever. Here are some tips to help you get started with planning. 



Photo from  Brit+Co

Photo from Brit+Co


When picking a theme + location, think about what the bride loves most! 

Farm-to-Table Garden Theme

- Boho Chic

- Vintage

Or more specific:

- Yoga

- Travel (with maps & globes)


Here are 100 other theme ideas from Brit+Co.


Your theme will determine where the shower should take place.

- If it's a garden party, obviously have the shower outdoors! Unless you want to decorate an indoor venue with lots of greenery + floral (which would be beautiful!). Maybe a park, a botanical center, your backyard, etc.

- If it's more indoors, think of venues in your area with exposed brick, or a unique atmosphere to keep it beautiful + help you save on decor costs.

- There's also nothing wrong with holding the shower at someone's house! It's an intimate + fun setting where you're able to host 10-30 people and not have to worry about how loud it gets.

Photo from  Green Wedding Shoes
Photo from  Happy Wedd

Photo from Happy Wedd



See the DIY on how to make  here .

See the DIY on how to make here.

Photo from  Intimate Weddings
Photo from  Green Wedding Shoes
Photo from  Wedding Chicks

Photo from Wedding Chicks

Photo from  My Wedding

Photo from My Wedding



The food spread should be light, with mainly finger foods. Guests don't go to bridal showers expecting to have a full meal, so keep it light and simple! 


Think of what foods would best fit your theme, and come up with a list of the bride's favorite foods. Then, think of creative ways to display the food! 

For example: 

 - Heart shaped sandwiches 

- Donut kabobs (pictured below) 

- Mason jar fruit cups


Find a list of incredible food ideas here.

Photo from  J Anne Photography
Find the recipe  here .

Find the recipe here.

See more great food ideas  here .

See more great food ideas here.



Here's a list from The Knot of games to play at a bridal shower.



Photo from  Paper Flora

Photo from Paper Flora



It wouldn't be a bridal shower without blindfolding the bride, right? ;) Guessing games, pin the lips on Ryan Gosling, etc. 



Ask the groom questions before the day. Then ask the bride to answer the same questions the day of. Have the guests guess which questions the bride and groom answered the same. Whoever gets the most right wins! 


OR hand a sheet like this out to the guests. Have them fill it out, and go over answers as a group. 


Have guests design their own bouquets. Have the bride judge the best one, and that person wins a prize. These can also work as favors for the guests to take home! 

Cheap flower idea: If your shower is on a Saturday, run to the farmers market and get bundles of flowers for cheap! 

Photo from  She and He

Photo from She and He



Finally, here's a checklist for you to use as you plan the bridal shower. 


Whatever you plan, I'm sure will be beautiful + a blast of all the brides' favorite ladies getting together for a day. 

What are some fun ideas you have for a bridal shower? Comment them below! 


With love,

Ali Leigh


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