double header wedding road trip, new and old friends // weekend walkthrough

what a weekend! two weddings. two states. old friends. new friends. taylor had something come up, so my second shooter was taylor's best friend's wife, autumn. we hung out a handful of times prior to this huge wedding road trip weekend (so totally took a chance) but it was great! i had a blast getting to know her and having such a creative next to me during the weddings! i mean taylor's great ;), but autumn was everything you could want in a second shooter!

here's the run down: 

we left minneapolis friday morning (i had all the fuel i could possibly get with that breakfast picture ;) + met up with julia (and hayden eventually!) at salon spa w in the des moines east village. from the start the bridal party and family was super welcoming. then the day went on and everyone was the SWEETEST. the barnes' place wedding was incredible + perfectly designed. it's always been one of my favorite des moines wedding venues so i was giddy! we had a blast + obviously took advantage of the photo booth. 

that night we stayed at my best friends' apartment. very little time was spent there, but the time that was was soo sweet. we caught up that rainy saturday morning in their cute sunroom + were treated to breakfast by them.

10 am saturday, we were on the road again ready to take on courtney and grant's wedding in cedar falls, iowa at the pipac center. it was beautiful!! everything about the day. so elegant. so fun. so relaxed. courtney was the peppiest and most relax bride i think i've ever had and i was so thankful all day. they were down for anything + had such a good time not only with each other but with everyone around them. 

sunday i sat in my apartment so full of joy, so thankful for this business. these clients. this weekend. it was a JOY and definitely a highlight of this wedding season. 



p.s. find us + some of these photos on instagram! @alileighphoto. we'd love for you to follow our everyday and see some sneak peeks!