Eclectic Bohemian Bridal Shower | Historic Sherman Hill Des Moines


This past weekend we threw my sweet friend Chelsie a bridal shower! A college roommate, lifelong best friend, sweet as can be. Not many people deserve to be showered with love as much as she does! She and my friend Paige are interior designers and live in the most stylish, coolest Sherman Hill apartment in Des Moines so not much needed to be done to make the already pristinely decorated space look good. 

Paige and her mom, Sue (you're a serious rockstar, Sue!) had visions for the day, lots of beautiful decorations + delicious food. You'll see in the pictures that they nailed it. ;) 

People came and there were lots of squeals of, "It's so good to see you!" and "You're getting married!!" They ate some food and then we got started with our first activity of writing a memory with Chels. She had to guess who the memory was from and if she didn't guess in 2 tries, the person got a prize. 

For the next activity, Paige asked Will (Chelsie's fiance) a series of questions. I asked Chelsie the same question and everyone had to write down Yes or No, as to whether she'd get the same answer as him or not. "Where was your first date?" "Where do you want to be in 5 years?" "How many kids do you want?" 

Next she opened gifts and I sadly had to start my drive home to Wisconsin a little early so I headed out. The rest of them talked + took cute pictures outside. It was such a joyous day for such a joyous bride-to-be! 

We love you Chels! And Paige and Sue, you two are rockstars. 


With love,

Ali Leigh