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These two: the epitome of style. To see how Nick perfected how to propose to a girl, click here.

Paige was my college roommate, maid of honor at my wedding, and now I'm going to be the maid of honor at their wedding! She's never done anything less than 250%. She'd throw themed parties and would blow everyone away. Straight out of college, she landed a job as an Interior Designer at Ethan Allen, and now is PLANNING A WEDDING. 

Nick was always the guy who we all knew liked Paige, but there was one problem: he worked out. Lol. There was no way he was the man for Paige! She's the type of girl who wears bows and (if she could), high heels to the gym. But then we all moved away for the summer, and she and Nick started going on dates. She called me one night to tell me about how he took her to a Shakespeare on the Lawn, painted her, and took her on all these extravagant dates. She said, "He might be the opposite of me, but I think we're really great together!" We came back from break, and before we could get to know him a little better, Paige left to study abroad in Rome (just after they started dating).

*Hearing the stories from Paige going on dates with Nick, the guy she never considered, gave me the idea to ask MY guy I knew liked me, but I didn't think would be right for me (COUGH, Taylor!) to take me on a date. The rest is history for that! Thanks, Paige and Nick. 

Over the course of their relationship, Nick became more and more what we saw for Paige's perfect man. He's an AMAZING artist, hilarious and can crack wit to any situation, and puts Jesus above all else. Not to mention, Taylor and Nick are slightly obsessed with each other. Dream come true. ;) 

Get ready for all style and class, cause it's all coming at you NOW! 


With love,

Ali Leigh

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