the palmer house stable rustic wedding - solon, ia // jace and alex // minneapolis wedding photographer

i can honestly say i have never had a couple more crazy for each other than jace and alex. they're just on a different cloud when they're together - and i've only been with them when they are! they hang out with each other (and cuddle, kiss, and belly laugh) when they're in front of the camera which let me share their truest (awesome) personalities. they pour joy onto everyone around them and their day couldn't have had more of it. during the ceremony the crowd worshipped to joyful, joyful - soo incredibly fitting!

jace first saw alex when she was leading worship at church. he thought to himself, "wow. she is pretty," like any other love at first sight story ;). he asked her out soon after, but little did he know she'd just started a 6 month dating fast. of course. so he waited. they waited, both growing crazy for each other in the time of waiting. he finally got to ask her to be his girlfriend and the rest led up to this day. this joyful + perfectly crafted with (rustic, floral, and green!) day at the palmer house stable just outside of iowa city, ia. 

the forecast said it was going to rain all up until the morning of the wedding. but no rain happened! it's been a huge trend of my wedding season - always preparing for rain and at the last minute the sun comes out to surprise us all. i'll take it ;) it wasn't until we were under shelter during the reception that it started to POUR. torrential downpour. severe tornado warnings. you gotta love iowa, right? ;) i honestly said to taylor, "well, we might not make it home but at least we're shooting a wedding." morbid/peaceful thoughts. iowa tornadoes can be pretty brutal though and taylor and i still had to drive back to minneapolis! 

we lived to tell the story of jace + alex's day in the pictures below. we drove back to minneapolis in the most amazing sunset - honestly. fog. pink skies. blue skies. yellow. unicorns flying around. kidding, but it would be a scene they would be in it was so magical. it was one of the most beautiful sunsets i'd ever seen.

we were honored to be a part of your day, jace and alex and had such a wonderful time celebrating you guys! you are a JOY and we can't wait to see what God does in your marriage and lives together. 




venue: the palmer house stable

photographer: ali leigh photo

dress: schaffer's

groom's outfit: the backroom

bridesmaids: banana republic

flowers/decor designer: betsy meyer (bride's aunt)

caterer: ruziscka's catering

cupcakes: scratch cupcakes