four day weekend, friend reminders + fireworks / weekend walkthrough

welcome to our first ever weekend walkthrough! i will be sharing glimpses of instagrams - and other photos - to share our weekends. (if you don't already, follow our journey on instagram at @alileighphoto!)

this weekend: spent time with friends + meeting people! i'm new to minneapolis and have had very little time outside of work + editing to get out and meet people. so this weekend i was filled to the brim. it was spent waking up to the morning light on my plants, brainstorming/word vomiting all of the creativity in my head + heart these days, grill outs, laying out by the pool (i love my apartment life), taking touristy, blurry photos at the mall of america cuz it's in our neighborhood and tay's cute, apple cinnamon oatmeal and smoothie made by your husband (he's dreamy!), spending the whole morning watching my man play keys at river valley church, and walks on the nature trail behind our home. 

the weekend of rest and refreshment. i was reminded in a teaching to be a brave and honest friend - to bring our friends to a place God wants them to be, rather than justifying + affirming their situation.  

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