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My roommate packed up and moved to Kansas City to help families get back on their feet at Operation Breakthrough. She's dreamed of living in KC for the past couple of years, and it was so fun to see her living it out. She loves it and watching her serve selflessly in an area so different than her life back home was so inspiring. Her comfort level was not put above her need to serve and I love her for that.

So, a couple of other friends and I visited her to see her new stomping grounds. We started Friday night exploring the Westport District and had dinner at Port Fonda. The interior was a dream. I ordered quesadillas and they came out fried. It was a big surprise and I'd never had something like it before, but it was delish! 

We went to a couple of lookouts to see the city lights. My favorite was the WWI memorial in front of the Union. Lots and lots of lights.

In the morning, she took us to one of the most renowned coffeeshops in the nation, Quay Coffee (sounds like key). I ordered a straight up black coffee and it was as good as they speak of. 

A block down the street was the Kansas City City Market, a year round farmers market. Avocados, strawberries, loose leaf teas, musicians, you name it. It was joyous. 

Then, we met up with another friend that had moved to the cities for brunch at Happy Gillis. With every bite I'm pretty sure I said, "This is so good." And I say it again, it was SO good :). I'm craving it as I type this. 

We ventured on to get hand crafted sodas at Little Freshie. Then, we drooled over the prints and products at Hammerpress. The place was filled with the smell of incense and beautiful design. Dreamy. 

After, Haley wouldn't let us miss out on the Filling Station. It's a coffee/juice company that throws fruits and veggies into a juicer and serves it. What a genius concept ;). All cities need one. 

Next, we ventured to the Nelson Art Museum. There was a glass maze that made us so dizzy and giggly. So many people running into glass, like a bunch of human birds! It took a lot of brain power to get through it, so we rested on the lawn in the sun. It was 70 degrees, compared to what we're used to at 0-30 degrees?! Heavenly.

We were pretty beat, so we went to Loose Park to hammock for a couple of hours. Then, pizza at Artego. Cause that's what you do after a long day and Haley's trying to become a regular there, so we had to support her dream. Once again, I could not stop thinking about how good each bite was. I'm scared someday I'll have a dire need to drive to KC just to get this pizza. I feel the need coming on right now...

We had to drive 4 hrs the next morning to meet up with some friends for our next road trip, so we said our farewells to Kansas City. 

*I of course had to add some of my personal Instagrams at the bottom for the times I didn't have my camera on me.

SO... if you find yourself in Kansas City, we found this to be the perfect tour. Try them out and enjoy :)



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