downtown des moines saturday morning engagement / kim and mark

fun fact: kim and i had a gym class together in high school! i always admired how her hair looked so perfect even in gym class. then, a couple years later my roommate in college led a high school small group and met a girl named kim. they became good friends and i heard stories of her weekly. then mark proposed to kim and they asked me to be her wedding photographer! so here we are today, as I share kim and mark's engagement session. so wonderful how someone from gym class can ask you to be a part of her wedding day! 

a couple of random tidbits: kim is definitely a distant relative of the kardashians (her name is even kim!). mark's last name is krismantis, or mr. and mrs. christmas if you're talking to a child :) fitting for the season right?! 

i hope you enjoy these photos of this beautiful season in their lives together! excited for you guys! 


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