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This will be the sappiest post for a cat, so if you're against the love of cats, I suggest not reading on. ;)

But, who knew being a kitty mom would be so much fun?! So. much. love. Most days I feel like my heart is going to burst. She's my girl, she's Taylor's girl, I'm her girl, Taylor's holds a sweet spot in her heart - always smiling when he's around.. as much as her face will allow her to smile lol. Our sweet little family got even sweeter when she walked in, and we're loving the joy she brings to our family!  

We've officially lived in Wisconsin for 2 weeks now. We brought Luna home on the drive from Minneapolis to Appleton, so she's officially been ours for 2 weeks as well! She fits perfectly into our lives + we couldn't imagine life with out her. <3

For the first couple of days, she was pretty terrified. I spent hours petting her as she laid under the couch, and eventually she figured out I was her momma. :) Now, she's an explorer, a cuddler, a comedian, the biggest lover with the loudest purr. Always finding something silly to do, chasing after any string-like object (loves playing with my hair), watching TV - she tries to literally go into the world on the screen. ;) She also loves sitting on my keyboard, and even commented random letters on a Facebook post the other day for me. 

This week was HARD for her. She spent 2 days at the vet to get declawed and it broke. my. heart! I knew I loved her but man, did this separation confirm it! It killed me not being there to comfort her when she was hurting, but she made it back home and we're all overjoyed she's here again. I've been finding any way to spoil her as she rests next to me, + heals her cute little paws. 

Now, here are a few photos from a morning I introduced her to life with a photographer momma and a few behind the scenes of the past couple weeks. We love our baby girl! 


xoxo, Ali 


And now for more of a glimpse into her everyday life. The girl LOVES TV! Packer fan, I'm sure.

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