Wedding Getting Ready Space Tips | Minneapolis, MN Wedding Day Studios

A client’s question on this topic inspired me to share with other brides! Your getting ready space not only sets the tone of the day (it’s where you have the most nerves and nervous laughter with your girls!), it also includes some of the most special photos of the day.

Details of your dress, jewelry, you kicking off your best day ever, and photos with your mom/sister/bridesmaids when you first get in your dress.

Your venue may not have a getting ready space or it’s not what you’re looking for (picking a venue with a great getting ready space saves this step! Places like The Neu Neu or The Hutton House), so in this blog we’re going to talk about things you should look for when picking a getting ready space + a few favorite Minneapolis studio spaces that would look so great for photos!

If you’re hiring an experienced photographer, they’ll be able to work with any lighting situation and make any space look good, but the space you choose can bring those photos to the next level!

When you’re searching for a getting ready space:

  • Pick a space with great natural light!

  • Make sure the details in the space fit the style you’re looking for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve removed pictures off the wall that didn’t go with the style of the day AT ALL.

    • since I arrive and photograph your details at the getting ready space, this will also help with your detail photos! I’ll be able to use the decor and space to create gorgeous photos (way more than if I were to be dealing with some iffy decor).

  • Sake sure it’s a big enough space. On average, there are about 15 girls in the room. If things feel claustrophobic and hot you’re going to be stressed and I’m not going to have the room I need to move around for the best photos.

The bride who emailed me about this was looking for an alternative to a standard hotel room.

Here are a few studio ideas if you’re looking for an alternative option as well!

Studio 125

LV Studios


The Juniper Loft

The Neu Neu (they host weddings there so I’m not sure if they’d be available for every date, but it’s so GORG and worth checking out!)

Another idea would be searching for a fun Airbnb in the Twin Cities like this one (The Corner Store which is pictured above)!

Photo from  Studio 125’s  website

Photo from Studio 125’s website

Photo from  The Neu Neu’s  website

Photo from The Neu Neu’s website