saying goodbye to minneapolis, hello to a piece of home + a new adventure.

what a month, you guys! taylor's dad sent him a job posting for a job in appleton, wi that he wasn't super thrilled about, but figured he'd apply anyway. the next day they told him they had someone in mind for that position, but that they had a tech director position open that they hadn't even posted about. a position that addresses most of what taylor learned about in college + what he loves to do. 

not to mention, he happened to have his internship in appleton the summer before and made great connections. great enough that one of his references was one of their go-to guys!

they had multiple interviews for about a month, giving us time to process the move. we went back and forth for days, weighing the pros and cons. praying about it. there seemed to be two great opportunities on our hands, and we were given the freedom to choose. and it drove us crazy!! but, the pros of appleton eventually seemed to make more sense to us as we looked to the future. 

we both grew up in northeast wisconsin, so it's a piece of home to us. it's about a 45 minute drive to taylor's parents which is something we truly desired for our family. 

this past week, he was offered the job and accepted. SO, come january, we will be living in appleton. a town you maybe have never heard of, but a town with a great arts district rising up. we're excited to be a part of raising up the next generation of creatives in the fox valley with a heart for God's plan. 

*if you know of anyone getting married in wisconsin in 2016, we are offering a special discount for any wisconsin wedding! 

we will truly miss the people + great places in this part of the midwest, but we're excited for our next adventure (without minneapolis traffic!! ahh.) 

-ali and taylor 

the picture of taylor on the rocks was the day we got engaged on lake michigan. FAVE. 

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