nic and deanna // ames, ia engagement

The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe Nic and Deanna is joy. Simple and quirky joy. I've known Deanna for a couple of years now and the girl is full of life, spunk, with a deep desire to pursue Christ. When she told me about their vision for their wedding, she said, "We want our wedding to be of Christ and not of all of the things we want." They just simply love being together and have a desire to glorify God in that. 

The ring Nic gave Deanna was his grandmother's. His grandfather sold his stuff to be able to afford the ring, and it could not be more perfect. Right?! Especially for a natural, simple, fun-loving beauty like Deanna. 



PS Third picture down, Deanna pointed out it looks like she is feeling Nic's pregnant belly ;).