missisippi moon bar diamond jo casino dubuque, ia old vegas wedding / michael and amanda

not one detail of michael and amanda's day was your typical wedding and i loved every bit of it! the couple lives in chicago, but went back to amanda's home for their wedding. michael is a videographer and strategically placed go pros throughout the whole wedding (try to find some pictures of the go pros throughout this post) and amanda is so wonderfully creative! look at the beauty in all of the details if you're wondering how :) everyone was so blown away all day. 

they were the first couple ever to get married at the mississippi moon bar at diamond jo casino, a concert venue that was hosting a kansas concert later that night. tall red curtains, a stage, and slot machines just out the door. their friend officiated their super sweet and short ceremony, and then we were off to dubuque's historic district to take pictures.

the reception started off with a cocktail hour.. a photo booth and a mariachi band. i totally wish these photos could've captured the sounds of the mariachi! the night went on with elegance + creativity, fun people, speeches, dances, and so much more. i told taylor i felt like i was actually in the early 1900s the whole day.

i loved being a part of your day, michael and amanda! thank you for putting so much of who you are as a couple into your wedding day :) it will always be one of our favorites!

- ali + taylor

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