Remembering the Purpose of a Photograph | Personal | Ali Leigh Photo

If you're a photographer, chances are you've heard of the Shoot & Share Photo Contest. It's a BLAST to go through + look at all the incredible photos + vote for favorites. Way too time consuming, but fun nonetheless. ;) When I started going through what photos I wanted to enter, I stumbled across my personal photos. Photos of the everyday beauty, of memories + places with people I'll treasure forever. Going through those photos, I was filled with thankfulness, and reminded why I'm so passionate about photos. What a beautiful world, with such beautiful people to share it with, and to have access to a true VISUAL memory of it again?! Incredible. 

Although most of these photos weren't entered into the contest, I'm so thankful for photos on days like today, to be filled again with thankfulness for the people, memories, places, + things I treasure most.

Even in the simplest moment, find something you love about it, and snap a photo. 

xoxo, Ali

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