Mark and Kim | Renaissance Savery Hotel Des Moines Wedding


Fun fact: I had known about Kim for years. She was actually in my gym class in high school! I always admired how perfect her hair was. ;) 

I knew their wedding day would be absolutely beautiful from the day she asked me to be their photographer! AND IT WAS! Their day was incredible. I don't think I've ever had so many reasons to tear up behind my camera. These two treasure their families + God above all else, and it was such an honor to witness it! On top of that, everyone was STUNNING and the details were all things glam + wonderful. Golds, greenery, and floral. Love! Basically I was hanging out with a sweet + put together version of the Kardashians. 

Their ceremony was at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines and the reception was at the Renaissance Savery Hotel downtown Des Moines. Chandeliers everywhere! 


Mark and kim in a nutshell:

Kim: A teacher to the super little ones. I love anything GOLD and FLORAL. Making things pretty is my passion. Whether it is decorating a room, cooking and serving food in/on fun dishes/platters, or keeping things festive in every situation. It's all in the details for me! 99% of the time I am listening to my favorites, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ray Charles and watching Doris Day and Bing Crosby movies, I love Lucy and any Hallmark movie. I am somewhat of an old soul! Family is huge priority to me. Jesus begin a redemption story in me the day I became an aunt and changed me forever. This road eventually led me to my future husband and I am eternally GRATEFUL!

Mark: played football, baseball, was on the swim team and in the choir throughout high school. Basically a jack of all trades! Baseball is his true passion though and played through college (although injuries caused some major upsets). Mark eventually graduated from ISU and a couple years later ended up in West Des Moines! He is now a financial analyst at W.R. Berkley. Mark is the king of researching and will not rest until the best deals and options are found! He is a great cook and a wine connoisseur. ;) Mark knows everything there is to know about everything SPORTS (teams, players, statistics, games that happened a hundred years ago, etc.) Family is a priority to Mark as well and is a very loving son, brother and uncle! :)


Their love story: 

Mark and Kim first laid eyes on each other at Bluemoon's trivia night (with a group from church) when Kim lent Mark her "Vote for Pedro" pen. 

They began to hangout more with groups of friends through Revive at Lutheran Church of Hope but still weren't able to talk to just each other much at all. Little did Mark know that Kim had already told her friends and family that she was going to marry this guy (who she called Prince Harry at the time).

Kim had a Christmas party at her house and "Prince Harry" showed up! Mark stuck around after everyone had left and Kim was so nervous she thought she was going to be sick! Mark FINALLY asked for her number. They talked and talked a couple weeks later went on their first date and their lives were forever changed! They fell in love. :) 

Later, they got engaged on a beach in Florida. Dreamy, right?! 


What do you love most about each other? 

Kim: Mark is, his patience with me, his determination, he is supportive and always willing to listen, the way he pursues me through little unexpected surprises (flowers, doughnuts, cooking a fancy dinner), and because he is a MANLY MAN but really has a sensitive and sweet side that I love to see. :)

Mark: Her attention to details, making every occasion special, being supportive when it comes to my work and family, her huge heart and values.


THeir Ideal Saturday: 

Coffee, a big breakfast, errands, watching sports (Mark), waiting for the game to be over (Kim), cooking a new recipe and watching movies. We're all about taking it easy and relaxing!


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day, Mark and Kim! I'm so excited for you two as you start your lives together! Congratulations! :)


With love,

Ali Leigh


Ceremony: Lutheran Church of Hope

Reception: The Renaissance Savery Hotel

Dress: Perry Bridal in Valley Junction

Shoes: Gianni Bini, Dillards

Bridesmaids: Weddings by Design - Sorella Vita

Groomsmen: Skeffingtons

Hair: Kalie Luczycki at Bombshell

Makeup: Beauty of All Faces

Desserts: Hyvee

Flowers: Kim's aunt Becky Doane (she owns an interior design company Doane Designs)



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