Rustic Rose Barn Spring Wedding | Megan and Jerrod


Megan graduated from college (starting a teaching job this fall!) ONE WEEK before these two got married! She somehow pulled it all off + had a smile on her face the whole day! Jerrod and Megan got married at The Rustic Rose Barn under a huge chandelier + surrounded by their closest friends and family. There were 20+ mph winds outside, so their original plan of an outdoor ceremony got moved indoors. Equally as beautiful as it would've been, I'm sure! Due to the insane wind, pictures were taken in record time! Bridal party photos - total of 13 minutes, family photos - 9 minutes. ;) Taylor and I high-fived each other at the end of it all! Haha. Thankfully hair + dresses cooperated long enough to get quick pictures but we definitely have some funny ones that we had to sift through! During their reception, we were able to sneak out and take pictures in the sunset + the wind was minimal. It was so great after fighting a hurricane all day. ;) Thank you for letting us be a part of your day, Megan + Jerrod!

Congrats you two!



"We met through mutual friends. We met in April of 2009 and started talking a couple weeks after we met. We were very close for the two years that we didn't date, but due to age differences we were just friends for the time being. We started dating until around June of 2011."

How he proposed:

"On December 13 he surprised me at our apartment with candles and rose petals leading to him on one knee and rose petals spelled out the big question!"

What do you love about one another? 

"I love that Jerrod is so passionate about others. He always puts others before himself. Jerrod loves that I always find the good in everything and have a kind heart. We are lucky enough to marry our best friends. :)"

Tell us about yourselves:

"We love to be outdoors! We love to hang out with our family and friends. I am very outgoing and Jerrod is more reserved. We balance each other out well :) We love to laugh and joke around with each other. We are hardly ever serious and have a very playful relationship. We also have a very passionate relationship where we have had such a connection from the moment we met."

Ideal Saturday:

"Sometimes we go out as a group with our friends, while others we spend together having date night in our apartment watching Netflix or renting movies. This is what we enjoy most! ;)"


Vendor Love: 

Venue: Rustic Rose Barn

Photographer: yours truly, Ali Leigh Photo

Videographer: Laurel C Scott

DJ + Officiant: Jay Lindahl

Caterer: Hickory Park + HyVee