Ali Leigh Behind the Scenes | April 21-25 | Friends, Flowers, and Showers


Des Moines was in full bloom this weekend! Flowers falling from the sky + bursts of floral smells walking down the street. Heavenly, right?! 


This weekend was a weekend full of reuniting with old friends, seeing newer friends, and meeting new friends. Friends friends friends. 

- I crashed my friends' connection group for the second week in a row on Thursday. I wish it could happen every week!

- Afterwards, we all went to Juniper Moon to celebrate 2 birthdays. 

- Friday I worked in my friends' sweet sunroom and photographed Stephen and Natalie's wedding that afternoon/night! 

- The flowering trees were the PERFECT backdrop for wedding portraits. <3

- Saturday I had coffee with my step dad and sweet old kitty, miss Bella. She was born in 1999 and is still as sweet + sassy as ever! 

- Then I went to La Mie Bakery to catch up with a college roommate. Most everything they serve there is incredible, but that tartine was delish.

- I ran a few errands for Chelsie's (a bff) bridal shower. 

- We all went to get wine and pizza at Eatery A that night and wrapped up the night setting up for the party the next day! 

- Sunday: church + brunch, and then set up the final details for Chels' bridal shower. 

- Then partied! If anyone deserves to be showered it's Chels! The sweetest, most beautiful bride. 

- Then of course, the 6.5 hour drive back home to Wisconsin. 


T'was a sweet weekend. :) 


With love,

Ali Leigh


P.S. How cool is it that Stephen and Natalie had a Snapchat filter for their wedding?!

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