Throwback Thursday of Taylor and Ali | Personal Post


Taylor and I have seen each other in most stages of life - starting when we were 8! I thought he was the cutest boy on the playground back then. ;) Pretty sure he had a heart around his face in my yearbook.


We've both been through some pretty awkward stages, and we have the embarrassing photos to prove it! I thought it'd be fun to share some with you guys today! 


Starting with our middle school romance that ended when I moved away to Iowa.

To Taylor visiting me in high school in my "Valley Girl" days. 

To me visiting him in college in Minneapolis with absolutely no thought in my mind of ever dating him. My friend showed me the picture she took and I thought, "Man, what a cute picture. Too bad we're not ever going to date!" Haha harsh and SO wrong. ;) 


Then to our days of dating. 

To getting engaged. 

To getting married. 

To 9.5 months of marriage down.


I've loved this journey with Tay. LOVE our marriage, LOVE being his best friend, and LOVE being his wife! Excited wait to #throwback when we're 50. Or 90. 

Also to be extra cheesy, here's a song that sums it all up.


I hope you've enjoyed this #throwbackthursday. ;) 

With love,

Ali Leigh


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