One Fine Wedding "Day" | Walker and Shelby | Ali Leigh Weddings

The LAST wedding of 2015 season (minus the one on January 2nd that I technically count.. stay tuned ;)). What a wedding to end on, with one of the sweetest most joyful + FUN couples!! Leaving their engagement session, I had a smile glued to my face from the way Walker made jokes that made Shelby laugh consistently for hours, and Shelby’s subtle witty jokes back to Walker. I loved being around them from the day we met and was so honored to have them as a couple! You can only hope someday you get a chance to spend a day with them!! <3


The two go to the church I went to all throughout college, and are part of my “Cornerstone Couples” clan… meaning I shoot a LOT of Cornerstone couples, and they’re some of my favorite weddings! Throughout the summer, Shelby and Walker were the one couple that were at pretty much every wedding I shot. We couldn’t escape each other. ;)

At Shelby and Walker's wedding, 3 of my former 2015 wedding couples were there and it was so fun to see everyone! It was like an Ali Leigh reunion to put the icing on the cake of this wedding season. THE BEST. 

These two truly let Christ be the center of their day + overflowed JOY onto everyone around them. It was a blast to be a part of and to capture. Congrats, you two!! See you at every 2016 wedding!! ;) 

xo, Ali

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