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To all my Wisconsinites, I'm glad we survived yesterday's crazy weather! Haha.. what a day of sunshine, snow, sleet, rain, sun two minutes later, snow two minutes after that... I was expecting a tornado to come through. ;) 

We're back to giving you some wedding tips! 

I get this question all the time, so I'm sure one of you is wondering the same thing! 8 or 10 hours... what's the difference, and what should you choose for your wedding photography coverage?! The answer: it's truly up to you two! It depends on the couple for what works best, different details of their day, and how much coverage they'd like. 


Most of all, we want to make sure you're enjoying your wedding day, not running around taking photos. We also want to be sure to capture your day the best we possibly can and it's tough to do that to our full potential when time is very limited!


Salon Spa W Wedding Wisconsin Wedding Photographer
Salon Spa W Wedding Wisconsin Wedding Photographer



*Keep in mind, every wedding is different! You can adjust the timeline around your ceremony + reception time, whether you're having first look or a cocktail hour, etc. 




12-12:30 Photographers Arrive & Details (dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry, etc.) 

12:30-1 Getting Ready Photos 

1-1:15 First Look Photos

1:15-2 Bride and Groom Photos 

2-2:30 Bridal Party Photos 

2:30-3 Family Photos 

3-3:30 Hiding Time 

3:30-4 Ceremony

4-4:15 Travel to Reception Venue 

4:15-5 Cocktail Hour 

5-5:05 Bridal Party Intro

5:05-5:10 Cake Cutting

5:15-6:15 Dinner 

6-6:15 Speeches

6:30-6:45 First Dances 

6:45-7 Bouquet Toss, Dollar Dance, etc. 

7-8 Candids of Reception

8 Photographers Leave



*10 hour timelines allow you to add more time to different parts of the day. If you wanted to travel to different locations for portraits, or simply wanted more portraits, this gives you a chance to do so! It also works with wedding days that have more events (getting ready at the salon + hotel/venue, no first look, cocktail hour, etc.).


11-11:30 Photographers Arrive & Details (dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry, etc.) 

11:30-12 Getting Ready Photos 

12-12:15 First Look Photos 

12:15-1 Bride and Groom Photos 

1-1:45 Bridal Party Photos 

1:45-2 Drive to Ceremony Venue

2-2:30 Hiding Time 

2:30-3 Ceremony

3-3:30 Family Photos

3:30-3:45 Drive to Reception Venue

4-5 Cocktail Hour 

5-5:10 Bridal Party Intro

5:10-5:15 Cake Cutting 

5:15-6:15 Dinner (B&G sneak out for sunset photos while people finish up eating. This timing would vary depending on the season.)

6:15-6:30 Speeches

6:30-6:45 Set up Dance Floor

7-7:15 First Dances 

7:15-7:30 Bouquet Toss, Dollar Dance, etc.

7:30-9 Candids of Reception

9 Photographers Leave 


*If you are having an exit you'd like photographed, either push the timeline back, or think about having just your bridal party at the exit!

It's super fun when the exit is just all of your best friends.


Wedding Flowers Appleton Wisconsin Wedding Photographer | Ali Leigh Photo


We work with our clients to come up with a timeline that fits their day, so don't worry if these don't seem like they'd fit what you're looking for! We will help make it work for you. If you're working with another photographer, just ask them to help and I'm sure they'd be happy to!


With love,

Ali Leigh


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer | Ali Leigh Photo