Hotel Lora + Winehaven Vineyard Minnesota Wedding | Shelby and Ben

How they met (CUTEST STORY EVER.):

“Ben was in town (from New York City where he was living at the time) for his parents anniversary. He was convinced to go out in Uptown that night with some high school friends. Shelby's best friend Jessica from college just happened to be one of Ben's good friends from high school. Jessica invited Shelby out that night as well. Ben and Shelby were introduced but did not start talking until the end of the night when their conversation sparked over implanted cardiac devices (them both being in the medical field). They continued talking and realized they grew up TWO streets apart from each other. They went to the same church every sunday, they rode bikes through each others neighborhood and knew so many of the same people! They had never met because Shelby had not gone to the elementary/high school in town. The conversation continued when everybody went for pizza after the bar. Shelby ordered Hawaiian pizza (not knowing this was Ben's favorite as well or that he is half Hawaiian). Ben thought Shelby was sucking up to him to get a free slice of pizza. In order to show her independence Shelby bought both of their pizza slices. Shelby was surprised when Ben did not ask for her number and kept telling Jessica on their walk home that she could not get him out of her head. Ben ended up texting Jessica that night and saying some pretty cute things so Shelby texted him Sunday and they continued to text, talk on the phone and Skype almost everyday. When Ben came home for Christmas they went on their first date to Bar La Grassa and Shelby texted her mom that night saying it was the best date of her life and this was her forever. How lucky is Shelby that it ended up being true. Ben moved back from New York City about 6months later and the rest is history!"


Venue: Winehaven Vineyard

Getting Ready Hotel: Lora

Wedding Coordinator and/or Planner: Events by Melody

Florist: Florals by Claire

Caterer: Mintahoe Catering

DJ/Band: Instant Request- Jimmy

Baked Goods (cake, donuts, cupcakes, etc.): Cake- Mintahoe, Donuts- Cub Foods

Bride's Dress: Atelier Pronovias- The White Room

Bride's Hair + Makeup: Hair- Hair by Theresa, Makeup- Makeup by Mindie

Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu

Rentals: VIP Photo Booth

Photographer: Ali Leigh Photo

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