4 ways to connect with your ideal client on your website

Your website is a HUGGGGGEEEE deal, friend! So, so huge! Obviously it’s one of the first places your potential clients get to know you. It’s where they will know whether they’re your client or not your client, and ultimately whether they want to book you or not.

Chances are, they sift through so many different websites before booking with someone. The way you make them feel, and how they connect with you in the short time they’re on your website is huge.

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Things to think about when designing your website:


RIGHT away, have 5-10 “on brand” photos. This will help ideal clients connect to you right away! Whatever you share, you’ll attract.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: whatever you share, you’ll attract.


Without making the viewer scroll (ideally right under your brand photos), have a photo of your face. This will build connection with the viewer and allow them to begin to trust you! People buy from people they know, like, and trust. This will help set you apart from the sea of talented photographers in your city simply because it’s how we’re wired as humans.

HUMANS crave connection.

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When picking your “about me” photo, try to find a picture where you’re looking into the camera! The eye contact will help build another level of trust with the viewer.


Make sure your copy (aka words on your website) are targeted toward your ideal client. If you haven’t done ideal client work yet, I HIGHLY recommend getting clear on who they are (get to know them like the back of your hand). Are they laid-back? Add a fun, laid-back voice to your writing! Do they value adventure, moments, timelessness in photos? Speak straight into their souls + I promise they’ll have no other choice but to book you!

BONUS tip:

Your contact form is not enough to have on your contact page. Contact forms break + you need them to be able to get in touch with you easily if they’re ever going to turn into a paying client. Make sure you list your contact info somewhere on your contact page just in case!


If you take anything away today, speak to your client. Post images that would connect to their values + interests. Essentially, filter your entire business around this fake yet totally real person. ;)

And shout out to the incredible designer of my website, Brighten Made, who was also a real life bride of mine! (photo of her and her man below!). HIGHLY recommend hiring her. I did DIY design for years but nothing compares to the deep ideal client work we did together to make sure every part of my brand was aligned.


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Ali Leigh

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