how i educate clients for a better wedding client experience

how i educate my clients

A solid client experience is what will encourage past brides to become walking billboards for your business, so essentially a solid client experience = money in the bank! Money in the bank = you being able to pursue your dreams and live your dream life.

So let’s get down to it, shall we? ;)

One of the most important areas of your client experience is client education.

It is our job to educate our clients! We’re the experts. They’re most likely getting married for the first time or have no idea about anything photography related, so if it was up to them, they’d plan their session at 12pm in the middle of a field with harsh sunlight. ;)

The more we educate our clients, the more we set them and us up for success.

I use guides to help educate my clients and set my client experience apart. They feel cared for, which leads to less stress, them being more prepared, your photos being more aligned with your brand (and turning out better!), which ultimately leads to a happy client. Wins all around.

MY pricing guide

From the initial inquiry, my clients have my multiple page pricing guide that walks them through a lot of the questions I was getting asked over and over. Creating a pricing guide with additional education for the client will not only set you apart in the industry (they feel valued and supported as potential clients, which could lead to more bookings!), but will also cut down on the amount of emails you have to answer. I create a ton of my graphics and guides on Highly recommend!

Here’s a sneak:

Wedding Photography Pricing Guide Example

I also was getting a lot of people saying, “I don’t know which collection I’ll need - the 8 hour or the 10 hour.” So, I added sample timelines in the pricing guide! People are generally confident in which collection they choose because they see how it aligns with their wedding day. If they’re having different venues for ceremony + reception they’ll know I recommend the 10 hour collection.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.13.02 PM.png

Other things to consider adding to your pricing guide:

  • Your travel policy + prices

  • Benefits of having a 2nd shooter

  • Testimonials from past brides

  • How they can expect to get their photos (online gallery, flash drive, etc.)

  • How long they can expect to wait for their photos

  • Anything else you get asked often!


In 2016, I designed a 50+ page wedding guide that walks clients through every piece of the wedding planning process. I printed it at MagCloud. I send this out as a welcome guide that they can use throughout planning.

It educates clients on:

  • planning for the engagement session (timing of sunset based on season, locations, etc.)

  • engagement styling

  • choosing a getting ready space (we want naturally lit spaces as photographers, so educating clients will help us get this!)

  • benefits of having a first look

  • details (having all of their details ready in a shoebox when I arrive, which details to bring, etc.)

  • timeline planning

  • and so much more! The more you can educate them the better!

I have an all in one guide, but you can definitely separate them and send them as PDFs throughout planning!

  • If you’re a wedding photographer, email them an engagement guide when you start planning the engagement session. This could include your favorite places to shoot, how to pick out outfits, timing based on seasons, etc.

  • Later on, you could send them a guide with tips for planning your wedding for the best photography results. Or whatever it may be. :)

If you guide them to make decisions based on what YOU want to shoot, your brand will feel aligned and consistent. For example, if you love doing movement prompts during sessions, make sure to tell them to wear shoes that they can move around in!

Over communicate. Underpromise, over deliver. your clients will become raving fans!


Ali Leigh

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