Whether you just need to talk through ideas or get a second opinion or you’re looking for a helping hand as you get started in the wide, wide world of photography, I’m here to help you! Ask me anything: the basics of lighting, bookkeeping, web design, marketing, editing, managing clientele, planning shoots, and the big Q: “how the heck do I start booking clients?!”


no. 1

chat with ali

Starting at $150/30 min

You’ll come up with a list of questions/topics ahead of time and we’ll talk through them on the phone or via video chat!

no. 2

in-person meeting


Ask me anything! If you want to learn hands-on, you can bring your camera, we can walk through workflow and/or editing, etc.

no. 3



Your portfolio is obviously important for being a credible photographer, but your website is just as important if you’re going to book clients. I’ll give tips on how to improve what you have!


no. 4

tag along

WEDDING: $300 - SHOOT: $150

Tag along on a wedding or a shoot! You’ll watch me work and get hands-on experience. I’ll be free to answer any questions after the shoot. Depending on the couple’s consent, you’ll be able to use the photos.

no. 5



We’ll start by going over your questions and move into a hands-on time with a mock engagement shoot. You’ll see my approach to posing clients and can ask questions along the way. We’ll walk through the workflow process after the shoot. You can use the photos to build your portfolio.

no. 6



5 tag along experiences (4 weddings, 1 shoot) and a work day to ask questions about my workflow and watch me work. The photos taken at the tag-along experiences can be used for your portfolio. You’ll also have text and email access to ask me any questions for three months.

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