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Solar Arts by Chowgirls Wedding Photographer Minneapolis

Aaron & Tricia

Solar Arts by chowgirls

minneapolis, MN

Gather on Broadway Green Bay Wedding

Elizabeth & Alex

gather on broadway

green bay, WI


Turner hall

milwaukee, wi






Minneapolis Wedding Photographer Ali Leigh Photo_2519.jpg

meet ali.

Hey friend! after a lifetime of taking zillions of photos I officially launched my business when i was 19. I FINISHED my degree, and THE SECOND AFTER GRADUATING WENT FULL-TIME INTO PHOTOGRAPHY. I'm a left-handed wisconsinite, my elementary school crush's wife, a new momma, and lover of cats, tacos, and exploring the outdoors. 

we'll have lots of fun taking your photos! surprise attack hugs, quirky jokes, and just letting our hair down a bit. my goal is TO SHOW WHO YOU GUYS ARE, NOT JUST WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. 




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