1 | i met my husband when we were 8 years old on the elementary school playground.

2 | i'm a mom to a smiley toddler girl and a grumpy faced cat.

3 |  i'm calm, smiley, and quirky.

4 | i'm 50% introverted, 50% extroverted.

5 | you can most often find me in black ripped skinnies listening to an audiobook.

6 | i'm a lover of the nature + travel, world market, books, and tacos (always tacos!).

7 | i'm a wisconsinite.

8 | i'm a lefty.


Des Moines In-Home Engagement Session_2889.jpg



One month before my wedding day my mom was given a couple months to live with her brain cancer.

Our wedding photos were the last pictures with her before she passed away.

She was able to put on my dress, watch me walk down the aisle, and be in our family photos. 

Wedding photography has been such an important purpose for me every since. 



 Trust me, you're not the only person who thinks they're SO awkward in front of the camera. I've got you guys!

We'll have way more fun and make the process WAY easier than you're imagining. Promise.


I have a flexible, laid-back calm presence paired with a "get it done" spirit. 

These traits create space for adapting to real moments to wedding day as well as staying organized to fit everything necessary in -

(like getting that sweet pic with your mom, or you know.. showing up to your ceremony on time.) 




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