Lake Michigan and CrossFit Engagement | Alex and Beka | Wisconsin Engagement Photographer


Alex + Beka (and Howie & Nike) came all the way from Columbus, OH for this session! Alex is originally from Manitowoc, and moved from Madison to Columbus a few years ago where he happened to meet Beka. :) We met Alex + Beka at Lake Michigan where we took some pictures of their cute family. I swear their dogs are trained models! After walking on the beach a bit (it was pretty cold!), we went to CrossFit. I love when couples bring their interests + personalities into their engagement session and these two definitely did!

Also, I LOVE that they both share a love of CrossFit, even before they met. Talk about an incredible interest to have! Haha. 

On their first date, Alex + Beka had plans to meet somewhere and little did they know, it had permanently closed! So onto Plan B, they met up at a new location, which thankfully was open, however it was closing shortly after they got there. The staff let them sit and talk for a few HOURS even though they'd closed! How cool is that? They must've known these two were destined to end up together. Just by looking at them it's not hard to tell they're perfect for one another! I'm pretty sure they both knew it on their first date too. :) 

Fast forward to today, they're getting married this December at WatersEdge in Columbus with a fireplace, a rustic feel, with a Scottish theme. I'm so excited to see all the plans come to life! Also, thankfully it'll be a bit warmer there than in Wisconsin. :) Keep your eye out for their wedding in December!


With love,

Ali Leigh


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