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Happy National Proposal Day to all! To celebrate, I'm going to share how Taylor got a ring on my finger ;) 

To begin, I have to share that Taylor accidentally sent a text with his whole proposal plan the week before to me haha. Poor guy. He still managed to surprise me completely.

It was May 15, 2014 and we were back home visiting his family in WI. I kept asking Taylor to go on a walk by Lake Michigan because it was spring, and what else would a girl want? He said, "We'll go in a bit. Let's four wheel down to the river (also the river I grew up with in my backyard). You're driving!" I've driven a four wheeler before, but to get down to his river you have to go down a huge hill in the woods.. AH. He guided me through and we made it! We started walking by the river.

He brought up the last time we spent time together before I moved in the 8th grade. It was on that river, and I wanted to walk in the river. He insisted that I wore his shoes. He told me he gave me his favorite shoes that day, and wanted to love me selflessly forever. Before I knew it, he was on his knee! I promptly asked him if he was kidding and all I got in response was laughter. I asked him again and said yes sometime after that ;) 

We are getting married exactly one year later on 5.15.15! 

*All of these pictures were taken on my phone, so excuse the quality! You'll see he eventually took me on a walk at Lake Michigan. 

How did he/you propose? Or what is your dream proposal? Comment in the comments section! 


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