Love in the Simple Moments | Marriage


Taylor got home from work yesterday and said, "Babe! Go to the front seat of my car. I have something for you." It was a cute card that said MERCI on it, with a sweet note from him inside. He thanked me for all I do and made sure I knew he appreciated me.

It was the simplest gesture, but it brought a grin to my face for the rest of the day! 

He's always reminded me to take time for the little things. He sends surprise flowers or gives me candy for St. Patrick's day (lol I'll take it!), and always says, "I love you," in the most mundane (+ best) times. 

After I got my card, he took me on a drive around Appleton and we danced to music, laughed, and talked about our days. Tay reminded me again yesterday that the simplest times are the ones to cherish. Ben Rector always says things best, soooo to summarize:



Today's blog post is to remind you to show up in the little ways, in the every day moments. Not just on Valentine's Day, on your wedding day, or on your anniversary - but today. Show your loved ones they're valued!


With love,

Ali Leigh


We have an endless collection of wedding photo booth pictures. :)