Timshel + Neenah Riverfront Engagement | Ryan and Kendra


A little bit about them: 

Ryan: Playing and watching sports, reading books, drinking and making good coffee, laid back personality, I enjoy people and people watching. I enjoy watching Netflix mainly Bo-Jack Horseman, House MD, or Flake. Also I enjoy sports video games and competing against my brother online.

Kendra: I enjoy reading books and hunting for them. teaching first grade, drinking coffee with Ryan, learning, and laughing. I'm happiest with friends and am sure to be in bed by 8 pm at least three nights of the week. Together we enjoy spending days in Door County, exploring coffee shops, sitting on the porch watching the sunset, and Happy Bellies!


How they met: 

Ryan: Kendra and I first met through a blind date set up that neither of us knew about until we were already on our way to a friends house. Once there they awkwardly left us alone... Thankfully a year later I found myself attracted to this beautiful girl and the heart I heard she had. So I got her number and (boldly) gave her a call. 7 days later we went on our first date.

Kendra: So in the fall of 2014 my friend Maria invited me over and then once I was there she said that Matthew (her husband) had invited a friend over, as well. I felt exhausted from being gone all day and wasn't in the mood to meet someone new, especially not somebody as handsome as Ryan. Well, truth be told, we watched a football game, he was in workout clothes, and I was absolutely unenthused about this guy. One year later Maria asked if she could give Ryan my phone number and I said yes. So he called and we went on the best date ever one week later! We went to SAP, Barnes and Noble, and then when Ryan didn't want the night to end, we also went to Panera! It was a dream!


The Proposal: 

Ryan: We got engaged in May. I worked out details with her mom and 3 of her friends. While Kendra was away with her mom and Lauren, myself and 3 of her friends went to her house and decorated it up with flowers, lights, and goodies. When she returned home later that night she was surprised by the lights and flowers. We were all hidden, but once she walked up on her back deck I came out and proposed.

Kendra: Ryan is a great planner. In May I went to Door County with my mom and my foreign exchange student, Lauren. I had a fever and wasn't feeling well all day. I told Ryan we could hang out another day and he was fine with it because he said he wanted to see a friend. Little did I know, he was planning what would quickly become one of the best nights ever. I got home and saw the deck all lit up with candles in mason jars and literally 100 flowers (no joking!). When I got out of the vehicle, Ryan met me on the porch with flowers. I saw some wine and Happy Bellies donuts in the background and thought maybe he just set up a fancy date since I wasn't feeling well. I thanked him for the flowers and one second later he was down on one knee. A few of my friends came out from hiding and we celebrated the night away!


Taylor worked with Ryan in Appleton, so early this spring we went on a double date with Kendra + Ryan! Throughout the spring, we spent time getting to know these two + loved our time with them. Kendra is always quick to send encouraging messages + make you feel loved and it's been a joy to become her friend!


With love,

Ali Leigh



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